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AISlogoOur newly renamed Art in the Square Gallery (formally the Second Floor Gallery) has seen works from local artists who have international exposure and followers. These are some of the artists we have booked in our gallery:

May 9–June 22
Formal Reception Show May 13, 2017 • 4–6pm

Fine Art • Mixed Media

Art has always been my inner desire to express myself and to be creative. As a small child, I have always loved to draw, and work with my hands. Growing up, I took up sewing, baking, and decorating cakes, creating works of art with icing, and making all kinds of crafts. I taught craft classes through Community Education, been on committees with all sorts of organizations, where creativty and leadership was involved, in church, school, and community.

I have always loved the Alphabet, letters, and the love of words to express myself and communicate in the beauty of quotes, poems, and sayings. It’s been an Art Form of Love. I have been a Calligrapher since the early 1980’s, member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy, Minneapolis, and served on their board. This is where I gained a passion and committed to Calligraphy, “the Art of Beautiful Handwriting”. The Colleagues has offered numerous classes, workshops, and conventions, through the years, taught by Instructors from all over the world. Our Guild was instrumental in helping with the origin of the St. John’s Bible, directed by Donald Jackson, at one time, the scribe for the Queen of England. It has been completed in its writings, taking 15 years, and is not yet bound. The Book of Honor (documenting all donations and contributions), created by Diane vonArx, an illuminator for the St. John’s Bible, has now completed this book, and at this moment is being bound. Diane, a Minneapolis Colleagues of Calligraphy originator, along with others, like Thomas Ingmire, Jean Formo, Pat Blair, Peter Thornton, Randall Hasson, Martha Erickson, Michael Sull, (master penman of the Spencerian Alphabet), Michael Clark, Heather Held, Harvest Crittendem, Charles Pearce, Laurie Doctor, and Julie Gilbert Pollard, Stan Kurth, and many more have taught classes of which I was a student. This has given me a wealth of knowledge and respect, in all areas of the Calligraphic and Art World.

My appetite to learn more and add color, and dimension to my art has brought me into the artist world of painting. From here, I became a member of the Brush and Palette Club of Alexandria, in 2008. In this club, I have become attracted to Watercolor, Mixed Media, Pen and Ink, Pastels, Acrylics, Book Binding, and anything pertaining to the art forms. This club offers many avenues of learning, bringing in artists of great claim, and participating in as many workshops and programs as possible. Meeting weekly has also built friendships and fun, with similar interests. I am a face painter and work with Clueless the Clown. (The balloon artist), at special events also.
Eager to learn more, new techniques coming out all the time, I have become a member of many art guilds. During our winter months, I am a member of Arizona Artists Guild, having just received an award in an Exhibition called Body of Work, and also a member of Arizona Watercolor Association. I’m striving to become a juried member. Both of these Guilds, offer classes from the best of well known Instructors, and Call to Artists for artists to compete and exhibit their works. I’m privileged to be able to participate and rub elbows with such great artists. Likewise, I have the opportunity to learn from the great, being a member of the Art in the Square (Glenwood), White Bear Center of the Arts,(White Bear Lake) and Artistry(Bloomington, MN), They, too, offer excellent programs, opportunities and workshops of instructions and techniques. I have been blessed.
My formal education was in home economics, followed by the business world, working with computers for Twin City Federal. During the time of raising our family, we moved to Granite Falls, MN, and I was privileged to be able to be a stay-at- home mother. Our family consists of my husband, Jim, and 3 children, Adam, Brandon, and Charlynn. When our children were older, I went to work at our business, Almich’s Super Valu, managing the Deli for 15 years. Prior to that, I had a cake decorating business, and was part of a crafts and antiques Cooperative. We are blessed with family, now grandparents to 6 wonderful grandchildren ranging in ages from 22 years to 14 years old. Upon retirement, we moved to Lake Amelia, Villard, MN. where we now reside.

JoAnn’s contact: jjalmich@msn.com


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