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AISlogoOur newly renamed Art in the Square Gallery (formally the Second Floor Gallery) in the Central Square building has seen works from local artists who have international exposure and followers.

As of July 2017, we have a second gallery location at The Box Office, 18 Minnesota Ave E, Glenwood.

Please keep checking back with us to see what exhibit is being displayed at which location! These are some of the artists we have booked in our galleries:

July 10–August 24
Formal Reception Show
Friday July 28, 2017 • 3–5pm
Location: The Box Office gallery
• our new downtown office space

Gyotaku Art: “Every Fish Has A Tale” Exhibit

As a fiber artist, Becky has always been fascinated by various surface design techniques. Exploring new dimensions and inspired by patterns and colors found in nature led her to an ancient Japanese printmaking technique called gyotaku or fish rubbing.

Living in Minnesota lake country was beneficial in becoming familiar with fish and the tales and memories that go with the sport of catching them. It was a natural extension to apply this interest to the technique of gyotaku. Becky has been making gyotaku fish prints for several years. She continues to enjoy creating these amazing detailed impressions of fish as a unique one-of-a-kind original piece of art, or simply as a record of someone’s prize fish.

Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese printmaking technique. In Japan, Gyo means fish. Taku means rubbing. In the mid 1800’s Japanese fishermen used the gyotaku technique for making inked records of their catches and reserve bragging rights. It was also used for scientific illustration of fish species in that a good fish rubbing is very accurate in every detail of a fish’s external features.

“Every Fish Has a Tale” is an exhibit that features gyotaku as art. Gyotaku impressions of real Minnesota fish capture the exact detailed anatomy and size of a fish in a way a camera and taxidermy can not. Every fish has a tale – what’s yours?
Becky grew up in Henning, MN, attended Concordia College, Moorhead, and was an educator in the Alexandria school system until her retirement. She currently resides in Douglas County, MN.

Becky’s contact: ralbright@gctel.net
Phone: 320-766-6579

Formal Reception Show Saturday August 12, 2017 • 1-3pm
Location: The Art in the Square Gallery, Central Square

Exhibit: “Impressions, a World in Black and White”
featuring the drawings of Jeffrey S. Thornton and the photographs of M. Jana

The primary goal of this show is to expose the public to the process of drawing without color and utilizing black and white photography. Focusing on shadow, light & contrasts, some of the items that make for a good composition.

Before Jeff starts a painting, several studies are generally made including ones in black and white with various mediums. This journey of finished drawings and studies is in contemplation of a final painting. It is during this process where an artist experiments with ideas before the start of the final piece.

In Jana’s black and white photography, she focuses on form, texture and space. Without color to lead the eye, you need interesting curves and or a great texture instead. Black and white photography can lend a timeless, almost poetic quality to an image. Not every shot works in B&W, but some become much more dramatic.

Both Jeff and Jana have been studying the world around them artistically since they were in their teens. Training the eye to look beyond the first impression – a crucial step in their development as artists. Black and white is the foundation an artist begins with on their creative voyage. The effective placement of objects in relation to the surrounding negative space is essential for success in composition. Continuing to work in black and white, is a choice to transform our colorful reality into a true feeling of personal vision.

This exhibition involves drawings and studies executed in various mediums, including charcoal, graphite, pastel, lithograph and oil as well as photography – but all are black and white. River scenes and prairie landscapes, road scenes & figurative work are all included in this exhibition of current and past work. Some of the landscapes featured are from the Terrace and Glenwood area.

These drawings, studies and photographs represent an accumulation of exploration in the study of black and white in nature and the figure.

For more on the Thorntons, go to www.jeffreysthornton.com/artgallery.


September 2017 • Curt Anderson
October 2017 • *open*
November 2017 • Quilter’s Showcase