What’s Happening?

What’s happening at the square?

In the past I have refrained from using this platform to discuss the negotiations that have taken place over the last year with the City Council. In a very disappointing decision the City of Glenwood voted against moving their offices to Central Square last night in a 3 to 2 vote against the proposal, with Mayor Scott Formo casting the deciding vote against.

By focusing on numbers and budget the council let down their constituents with a decision that showed lack of vision and leadership. The responses to this decision by residents of the community are ones of shock, sadness and great disappointment. Here are a few of the comments I have received from area residents:

“I can’t imagine turning down free money from committed & concerned community supporters to relocate city offices to the ‘cultural & civic center’ in a total WIN-WIN scenario.”

“The council just doesn’t get it. When you start only with numbers, always worried about budgets and bottom line first and have no vision it is a recipe for getting nothing done and accomplishing little”

“They are missing a golden opportunity, think they are looking out for the community by watching the dollars and, in fact are totally letting the community down.”

“Wow it seemed like it made such good sense.”

These are just a few of the many of the messages received by our offices today.

We thank those of you who have supported Central Square in the past and continue to do so as we strive to bring quality arts education and entertainment to the community while preserving a building with great local and historical significance to our community. We will continue to be diligent in our commitment to improve and develop our programs well into the future. Look for great things to come at Central Square, your community Center

For more information on this and other activities at Central Square you can go to our website at www.centralsquare.org or you can LIKE us on Facebook. Central Square offices are open Monday thru Thursday from 10-4 and we can be reached at 320.634.0400. Thanks for participating in our activities at Central Square YOUR community center. Life is short, buy the concert tickets!!!

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Central Square is YOUR community center, a nonprofit organization that relies on the support of our community. In order to continue to bring you a quality facility and programs we need your support.

See you at the Square!

Cheryl Larson
Executive Director
Central Square