American Roots Music

Saturday, July 26 • 7:30pm
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In concert Saturday, July 26th, at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $15. Founded by Iowa natives David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey, indie-roots band The Pines surprisingly actually met in Arizona, where they both lived in a Mexican barrio and first began playing together. Forming The Pines, they returned to the Midwest, moving to Minneapolis, a city that has launched many folk and rock acts from Bob Dylan to The Replacements to The Jayhawks. Like these Twin Cities legends, The Pines weave together many musical styles to create their own unique sound that is hip and haunting. The son of Greg Brown’s producer and sideman Bo Ramsey, Benson was reared on folk and blues music and those influences continue to shine through, even on louder electric songs. David shares Benson’s deep love for traditional music, and together the two craft songs that evoke the ancient, while incorporating newer rock and pop grooves. Both strong writers, singers and instrumentalists, David and Benson have distinct voices that complement each other, causing audiences and critics alike to tout them as a powerful young force in American roots music. Listen to a piece of their music on our {summer concert} page.


At Central Square’s Summer Arts and Crafts, kids will use their imaginations and develop skills under the guidance of a professional artist in a safe setting. The atmosphere is friendly and fun, yet disciplined. Join us for a great opportunity for kids to enjoy time with other kids.

Check out our full {calendar} to see all of the activities scheduled for this summer: from kid’s crafts to summer concerts. There is something for everyone!


Check out our {featured artist} website page about our featured art talented local artists. You will experience high quality from pottery to paintings. The opening show was Saturday, July 12th, but you can still see it! This exhibit will continue until August 25th, and can be viewed M–Th, 10am–4pm.


Thank you to all who came to honor Lee’s life on July 13th. The turnout was amazing and a real tribute to the impact Lee had on our community.


Together in concert Friday, August 1st, at 7pm. Tickets are $25. Sit around tables, up close and personal, while enjoying some food and beverage. Mississippi Peace and Jelloslave are both eclectic bands that hope to give sound to a different sector of the American Soul; one that has little to do with money, competition, power, celebrity, conquest. or property. This is the landscape where one falls in love, swirls in ecstasy like a happy blind child, cries tears for the ghosts of unknown ancestors, and stands tango tall and motionless while the tsunami curls overhead forever. Designed for the post-national realities of the current world crunch, they can run on rechargeable batteries or caffeine only. Listen to a piece of their music on our {summer concert} page.


In concert Friday, August 15th, at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15. Alison Scott is the strongest new voice to come out of Minneapolis in many years and her soulful, organic sound has quietly built a very large and loyal following. Alison is making the kind of soul music that music fans love. True music lovers have always responded to an amazing voice singing great songs, and they always will — from Aretha to Adele, this is timeless music that transcends style and fashion, something for the silent majority of listeners who aren’t interested in fluffy pop OR the trendy flavor of the month. Alison has become one of the most popular live acts in Minneapolis. Listen to a piece of her music on our {summer concert} page.

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